Oh, our aching sides!

Texas lawmakers are having another special session on legislation that would limit abortion after 20 weeks and that would provide some basic safety standards for abortion clinics. As Twitchy reported, there was a shameful sign at the Texas Capitol on Monday featuring the exploitation of children. But there were also some hilarious signs.

Precious. Trust women to, you know, let Big Daddy Government tell them what is good for them. Politicians are not doctors, which is why they totally should take over our health care. Obamacare, baby!

Twitter libs have been spouting that hilarious line:

Er. You mean like Sen. Harry Reid?


Oh, sweeties.

Um. If the pink sneaker fits!

Seriously. The lack of self-awareness is breathtaking. Gasping for breathtaking.

Bless their pink-soled and soulless hearts.


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