What has caused Ms. McMillan’s whining this time? Well, it is a day ending in “y,” so naturally it is a day for shrouding oneself in a veil of victimhood! But, the “Waiting to Exhale” author is also scrawling in her tear-stained Twitter diary because she was totally called out for some recent tasteless tweets about Mexicans.

The real victim? Ms. McMillan.

Misjudged (by being quoted verbatim) and totally persecuted! Where is her tiny violin?


Don’t judge! And stuff. Unless, you know, it’s someone icky like Governor Perry.

He’s so scary! Unlike woman-beater Chris Brown who can “totally dance his butt off.

Staggering lack of self-awareness once again. Ms. McMillan, heal thyself.


Terry McMillan takes heat for tasteless tweets about Mexicans, quickly backpedals