Oh dear. As Twitchy reported, Miss Alabama weighed in on the NSA controversy during last night’s Miss USA Pageant. But Miss Utah, Marissa Powell, gave an answer to a question that caused major buzz.

Ms. Powell took to Twitter before the pageant.

Backstage prep for MISS USA TONIGHT!!!!! AHHHH!!!! Be sure to watch on NBC! #missusa #finallyhere

Backstage prep right before going on stage for swimsuit at prelims! #missusa

Oh, honey. Perhaps she should have prepped the question and answer segment a bit more.

Ask and ye shall receive. Twitter, of  course, had video available right away. Watch. And cringe:


The mockery was swift and snicker-worthy.

Ha! Many Twitter users were reminded of Miss Teen South Carolina and her infamous answer … “such as”:


So, there’s that! Move over, Miss Teen South Carolina.

Or was it the best thing ever?


She certainly scored high in the buzz category! Fox & Friends discussed it this morning:

And some Twitter users think that she should be cut some slack.



And others choose to focus on different, err, assets.


In any event, thanks for the giggles, Miss Utah!