Wait … WHAT?

Err …

Do not click the link? We think you mean click. Click like the wind! Then giggle madly. Remember, we are all 12 years old now. What is it called when one giggles yet shudders in creeped-out fear at the same time? Let’s go with gudders or shiggles.

But what is Senhor Testiculo or Mr. Balls?


More from The Daily News:

Brazil’s Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer likens Mr. Balls to a ‘friendly snowman’ beloved by children and adults.

An important mission, granted, and the rather graphic creation sponsored by Brazil’s Association of Personal Assistance for Cancer has done its job by propelling the issue into the media spotlight.

“Both children and adults loved taking pictures with the mascot, a friendly snowman in the shape of testicle,” says the non-profit organization’s website.

Stop! Our aching sides. That really gives new meaning to the term “junk science.”

Oh, it’s just a friendly snowman and stuff! Your kids will love him.


Disturbing, yes. But Twitter still manages to rise to the occasion.



Will this spark a new trend?

Never change, Twitter.