Good call! Yes, she did.

As Twitchy reported, Democrat Rep. McDermott blamed the IRS-targeted victims during Tuesday’s hearing. They totally had it coming, you see.

Watch the fierce and awesome Megyn Kelly destroy the creep known as Rep. McDermott:

No, she didn’t. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly refused to let him get away with his vile victim-blaming, no matter how hard he tried to backpedal.

So, what did he do next? Exposed his jackassery further and sneered in contempt at Ms. Kelly.

That’s right: War on women, much?

Then he tried to pat her on her “purty little head.”

Silly Megyn! You are just a girl and stuff.


Twitter users loved the epic exchange and heaped praise on the fantastic Megyn Kelly.

One can dream!

That they do. They can’t help exposing themselves over and over.

Amen. Fight like a girl? You betcha!


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