Bada-zing! Twitchy told you about the pitiful synced scandal spin perpetrated by media lapdogs on Monday. You see, all those Obama administration scandals? Totally the GOP’s fault. Because, “overreach.”

“Reachers!” Hey, that could be next. Jay Carney did liken reporters who dared to ask about any of the scandals to Birthers.

Speaking of overreach (the real kind):

Today, we brought you more hilarious mockery of that pathetic attempt by the media.

And now it is time for synced scandal spin redux: “Overplaying hand.”

Awesome. We are all 12 now. Hey, we have to laugh or we will cry!


“Overplaying hand!” When that also flops, what will be next? Stay tuned!

In the meantime, ExJon has some wise words for journos:



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