Hilarious! Mysterious photos and Rob Lowe signs have been popping up all over Stockholm, Sweden. The actor is quite baffled and took to Twitter for help with uncovering the source of this mystery.


Well, as Twitchy readers know, Mr. Lowe recently made a trip to Washington, D.C. Was he feeling out an international political run?


Twitter users alerted Rob Lowe to the photos last month.

Kan inte föreställa mig en bättre kampanj, helt oavsett vad den visar sig ha för syfte. #roblowe #robloweSTHLM


Saw Rob Lowe whilst wandering around Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

The mystery continues and Twitter users love it.


The giggles are strong with this one.


Does Stockholm have Rob Lowe Syndrome?



Mr. Lowe would get some votes if he decides to parlay the photos into a run for office!



Alas, it is being reported that the baffling photos are the work of an advertising agency.

Mystery solved? (via Google translate.)

– I’m beginning to think that these Rob Lowe posters in the whole town is part of a conspiracy. All ungdomsförbundare becomes away kollrade. Sam Seaborn! twitter signature Linda Nordlund.

On Sunday it emerged that it is an advertising agency that is behind the mystery

The work of an advertising firm or a nefarious plot? You decide! In the meantime, people will continue to delight in the photos.


So do we.


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