Sigh. Yesterday, Politico’s Dylan Byers seemed to take offense to DNC communication director Brad Woodhouse’s contemptible tweet about the off-the-record Holder meeting. Mr. Woodhouse basically said that journalists should suck it up or shaddup.

Today, Mr. Byers is whining about “comfy” media who are boycotting the ludicrous summons for an off-the-record meeting with Attorney General Holder. Oh, guess what? Politico is attending, natch.

Everyone is doing it, guys. You know you want to!

Twitter users, including National Journal’s Ron Fournier, rightly call out Mr. Byers.


Oh well. He’s conflicted. And “comfy,” evidently. What a combination.

Ace of Spades then gave Politico’s Byers the business.

Ding, ding, ding! Make Holder a sammich, “comfy” media!

Ace then slams the ridiculous off-the-record meeting itself and offers up some questions for “real journalists” like Mr. Byers.


Fellow happy warriors offer up some other great points.

Yep. Special Snowflakes!


And an excellent exit question:

We won’t hold our breath for an answer from Politico. They are too busy preparing for the stroke-fest off-the-record meeting and all.


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