Wow! And what a great photo. Spring is in the air (finally) and Twitter users are spotting bird eggs in strange places.

Gravel is apparently a popular spot.

Who knew? Careful where you step!

Other popular nesting places are grills and hanging flower baskets.

This bird made a nest in my grannies Grill and is laying eggs in it, lol

baby bird eggs in our grill!

Mama bird laid eggs in our hanging plants! #beautiful

Whenever we watered our hanging ferns a bird kept flying out of one. Today we found her nest and eggs! #surprise #birdsnest #summer #memorialday

New eggs in the Carolina Wren nest in my potted plant. This species of bird gets an A+ for creativity but a F- for safety. If it rains the nest would get soaked. So I moved the plant under the porch roof. I've found their nest with eggs before IN my spare tire on my car & even under my hood. They mean well hiding real well from predators but those didn't work out so well. I often have to deter them from starting nests in really bad places. Like IN the aquarium on my porch.


Where in the world are the bird eggs? More are spotted by keen-eyed Twitter users.

Another nest of bird eggs I found at work #birds #eggs #nest #work

Robin's eggs in my porch roof. #robin #bird #eggs #nest

Look at the pretty little bird eggs my sister found in our old play house! ??

Mama bird protecting her eggs, waiting for them to hatch outside my office window! Exciting!


Things we find on the deer feeder #eggs #bird #deerFeeder #woe

And weirdest spot?

Ah, nature! Keep the fabulous photos coming, Twitter.