Sarah Palin tweeted out some kind words for CNN’s Jake Tapper this afternoon.

More from her Facebook page:

There’s something different, certainly refreshing, about Jake Tapper. I call it integrity and professionalism. What would you call his conscientious approach to news coverage?

She included a link to an article on Mr. Tapper: It’s well-worth the read, regardless of your views on Tapper.

And Twitchy readers know he is quite the Twitter expert, too. He recently hilariously zinged the IRS via Twitter and had fun with Jim Carrey’s jackassy “Cold Dead Hand” gun-grabbing video.

Zing! Well, the haters did crawl out of the woodwork but they aimed it at Sarah Palin, as always. Classy haters gotta hate, natch.



Ah, lib tolerance on display! As for Mr. Tapper?