Patriots across the land are protesting the IRS and its chilling abuse of power.

A local organizer, Matthew Hurtt, has more from the press release:

The Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest tea party organization, announced a series of protests across the country, which will take place at local IRS offices today at noon local time. The protests are in response to the IRS’s admission that the agency has engaged in systemic harassment and targeting of conservative organizations. For the past three years, the IRS has targeted Tea Party Patriots and other conservative tax-exempt organizations for additional scrutiny, and has singled these organizations out for audits and invasive reviews of their tax-exempt applications.

Haters gotta hate.

The old “rich men who like Chick-fil-A” line, huh? Taking a page right from WaPo’s book! Targeting of people by the IRS is totally fine, if they are icky old “teabaggers,” natch.

Matthew Hurtt and other Twitter users provide more pictures from on-the-scene in Washington, D.C.

Patriots are protesting at other local offices as well.

Bam! And we aren’t going to take it anymore.

Georgia’s Governor Deal joins the protest in Atlanta.


And the scandal-ridden Cincinnati office, where the targeting occurred:

This sign says it all:

Update: More photos from across the country.