Earlier today, a report came out indicating that five Benghazi suspects have been identified, but we cannot seize them militarily. Why? Because of the Obama administration’s policy of seeking to try suspected terrorists in civilian courts. They need enough proof to prosecute, you see. 

Now comes another devastating report; Sources dispute the White House claim of an all-hands-on-deck pursuit.

More from Fox News:

U.S. military sources serving in North Africa are challenging the latest White House claim that the administration is applying “all the resources” at its disposal to bring the Benghazi attackers to justice, charging instead that the Obama administration knows who is responsible but is not acting.

“They have let it slip by because of politics, and now we’ve taken all the correlation we had and dropped the ball because of risk (aversion) — and now the security in Libya is more fragile than ever,” one U.S. special operator told Fox News. The source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirms that U.S. forces have tracked the alleged attackers since October but have since lost the trail of some of them, as no one up the chain of command would authorize them to capture or kill the targeted militia members.

Jaw-dropping. And there’s more.

The sources say they are also being restricted from doing any reconnaissance.

All hands on deck? More like all lies and incompetency on deck.


Don’t try asking the White House about this either: Press secretary Carney will simply liken you to a birther.

Of course. What difference does it make and all?

For shame.

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