The sad part? The fact that he has faced some actual questions is news, as Kirsten Powers points out.

Asking a press secretary questions? That’s crazy talk! So cuckoo pants that now media outlets have made that the story.


Boo-hoo! His “tough day.”


From Politico:

The first two years of his tenure as White House press secretary were a relative cake-walk: his talking points were solid, the issues were manageable, and the press corps was largely acquiescent.

Uh. You don’t see that as a problem? The lack of self-awareness is staggering.

Nope! In the next Politico paragraph, hand wringing ensued. Oh, poor Carney! How admirable he is.

Three days into a changed environment in the briefing room, they say they admire how he has held his ground, deflecting reporters inquiries while at the same time maintaining the cool, no-drama demeanor that has long been a defining feature of the Obama White House.

Wait, there’s more gushing:

So far, Carney has withstood the recent grilling. Though he rarely gives reporters the answers they’re looking for, he hasn’t made any gaffes, has defended his boss fairly well, and hasn’t lost his composure.

What? Evidently, while they attended the briefings, they clearly did not hear anything. They were probably far too busy swooning over Jay Carney’s photo montage … of himself.

Poor lapdogs are afraid they’ll be sent to the doghouse. For doing their alleged jobs.


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