Hashtag zing!

Fox News’ Brit Hume sure makes the best of his Twitter feed. His tweets always pack a punch.

This time, he notes that Watergate grew out of a leak investigation. The scandals in the Obama administration keep coming: IRS targeting conservatives, the investigation into Benghazi and the AP phone records scandal. They all continue to grow as further information is exposed.

Hume isn’t alone in noting a comparison. As Twitchy reported, a photo showing Hillary Clinton then (during Watergate) and now (Benghazi) recently made the rounds.

The Nation’s Greg Mitchell sneered at such comparisons.

But, Twitter users think Mr. Hume is making a valid point.

There is a difference, though.

According to Obama, and parroted by Jay Carney today, Benghazi is just a “political circus.” Shameful.

And what about the media?

Heh. But now that one of the scandals involves AP phone records, will the media finally stop worshipping at the altar of Obama?

Unrequited love does hurt, but we won’t hold our breath.

In the meantime, keep tweeting Mr. Hume!


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