Oh, he was just turning the horrifying Cleveland captives case into some sort of demented identity politics thing is all. Geraldo Rivera appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Friday and further exposed himself as a self-involved and shameless hack.


Yes, strange that.

Despicable, Geraldo. And there is more:


Geraldo not only blathered on and on during his appearance on “Fox & Friends,” but he wrote about it for Fox News Latino, too.

As the wretched extent of Cleveland’s notorious crime becomes known, there will be necessary scrutiny of the heartless, wicked, perpetrator. And from my point of view, making Ariel Castro’s terrible crimes even harder to bear is the fact that he is Puerto Rican.

What? That is what makes it harder to bear?

Sickening. But not surprising coming from someone who referred to slain Ambassador Stevens as the “dead dude.

As Twitchy reported, the pathetic Geraldo Rivera tweeted about “under-reported” news about the Texas EMT who was arrested on charges of possessing an unregistered destructive device. Geraldo said, “imagine if Muslim!”

This Twitter user turned it right around on the foul Rivera.


Yuk, yuk, yuk! The Cleveland case is so hilarious, huh, Geraldo?

Wicked, heal thyself.


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