Benghazi truthers. Because, you know, the heartbreaking and devastating testimony of the whistleblowers at yesterday’s hearing was no big whoop. It left actress Patricia Heaton “speechless.” But to Media Matters’ Oliver Willis? Nothing to see here, move along. Good little lapdog!

It’s a day ending in “y,” so Oliver Willis felt the need to let his moral bankruptcy show. Again and again.

Ah, yes. A hashtag. Like his despicable #GOPBenghaziQuestions which made light of the deaths of four Americans. To Willis, they are the butt of jokes.

What a shameful little man. You are beneath contempt, Mr. Willis. People died. And the administration lied over and over. You mock the people who are seeking truth and justice? By doing so, you are also spitting on the graves of the dead.

Happy warriors destroyed the foul Oliver Willis.

Twitter user Jay Caruso shredded the foul Willis. Read … and fist pump.

Revolting. Like his fellow travelers, Willis is attempting to smear the whistleblowers.

Yes, but … Bush!

Greg Sargent grossly weighs in, natch.

Pathetic. Greg Sargent, by the way, says the GOP should reach out to Latinos with $9.00 minimum wage. American dream, baby! Or, as much of one as Sargent thinks you deserve.

Caruso continues the drubbing.

Truth is hard for Mr. Willis. He is continuing his sneering and despicable attempted smears of the whistleblowers.

Racist! Or something. The last resort of lapdog spinners.

Spin like the wind, Oliver!

Spin fast enough and you will save yourself the trouble of digging a hole with a shovel. You can burrow your own self down past rock bottom.

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