The Mother’s Day commercial offering from grocery chain Publix is simply beautiful. Make sure you have some tissues handy before clicking “play.”


LifeNews noticed the moving spot, which was released last year. More from LifeNews:

The little girl asks, “Can the baby hear me?” to which the mother responds, “I think so!” (It’s true: according to the Mayo Clinic, babies begin to hear and respond to sound around week 18 of pregnancy.)

When prompted by her mother to tell the baby a secret, the little girl embraces her pregnant belly and says, “You’re really going to love mom,” and the advertisement closes with Mother’s Day wishes from Publix.

Acknowledging the unborn is sadly uncommon.

Publix is continuing to air this commercial and recently posted it to its Facebook page. Twitter users have much praise for Publix.

The incredibly touching commercial is sparking tears across the Twittersphere.

Well done, Publix. Thank you for affirming life.

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