As Twitchy reported, Howard “Scoop” Kurtz got himself in a bit of hot water over a story on Jason Collins and his coming out. You see, he got it totally wrong. Shockah!

The Daily Beast then gave Kurtz the boot; The irony was delicious.


This morning on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” journos “grilled” Kurtz and he gave a mea culpa.

To be fair, he did straight-up admit that he “screwed up.”

Some did delight in the spectacle.

And some in the media, along with journalism professor Jay Rosen, swooned madly.



Oh, Piers.

But others weren’t as impressed.

A prescient Twitter user called it the other day:

Yep. Awkward seems to be the operative word.

As for the mea culpa itself, most weren’t gushing with praise.

Heh. John King also doesn’t let facts stand in the way!

Others pointed out the emetic-quality of having Politico and NPR journalists “grill” about integrity. Stop! Our aching sides!

And an exit question:

Why, indeed? But, hey, the Beltway media got some nice smug self-back-pats out of it. So, there’s that.