Shameless and shameful. As usual.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter to spew some of her usual bilge, all while continuing the grand Democrat tradition of using women. In her latest attempt to manipulate with scare tactics, she had the utter gall to invoke Mother’s Day. Or, as the Democrats would like to call it: “Just a Mom Day.” Remember Hilary Rosen?

Yes, Nancy, tell us again how you honor motherhood. By the way, do you have any thoughts on Kermit Gosnell?

Twitter users call out Ms. Pelosi for all her shameless lies.

Here is a real Mother’s Day gift idea:


Democrats are the ones who reduce women to the sum of their girly bits, always. We suggest that you read up on some truths, woman-user Pelosi:

That is just a small taste for you, Ms. Pelosi. Happy Mother’s Day!

You’re welcome.

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