Unbelievable. Alan Colmes took to Fox News’ “Happening Now” to spread outright lies today.

We know: Shockah! But, let’s go to the video tape so you can see the shameless extent of his lies:

He is also pushing similar lies at his website (plus throwing in some despicable “arguments’ like this: “If anti-abortion legislators had given women more options, Gosnell wouldn’t have done as much business”):


Mr. Colmes, Twitchy has five pages of Gosnell coverage since our launch in March 2012.  Five. Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin has also covered Kermit Gosnell extensively, since the horrific case first came to light.

Are numbers as hard as truth for you?

Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin provides him with a Teachable Moment about truth.


Colmes has nothing to say except more lies, as usual.

Well, lies and passing the blame onto that great arbiter of everything … Salon.

But first, he snarks at Chuck Woolery for speaking truth.

“Salon did it,” says Alan Colmes as he cowers behind its skirt.



Alan, had you fact-checked at all, you’d know we already shredded those lies. You know, in our extensive Gosnell coverage.

Sigh. Truth doesn’t matter to you now, does it? Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes truth, right?

Sorry, buddy. That doesn’t work anymore. That’s Alan’s problem, isn’t it? Scared much? Tweet like a girl is the new fight like a girl. The Left’s lies and false narratives are now destroyed in real time.


Colmes walked back after being confronted with the truth.

Still Salon’s fault, too! Then he had to whine some more. Truth hurts, you see.

Waaah. And a faux-pology.

Please. Attacking someone’s integrity isn’t attacking them personally? To be fair, perhaps he doesn’t understand that, being that he lacks integrity of his own.


Now, put your big boy pants on, stop hiding behind Salon’s skirt and make an on-air apology for your blatant and egregious lies.


Welcome to the power of Twitter, Mr. Colmes


Full Twitchy coverage of Kermit Gosnell


Colmes is still unhappy. We included his retraction tweet in this post (see above). We’re not really sure what else he wants us to do.