As Twitchy reported, J.D. Mullane is the Bucks County Courier Times columnist who took the photo of the empty rows of media seating at the Kermit Gosnell trial. He also reported that a CNN journalist told him that a “small staff” was the reason a reporter couldn’t be sent to cover the horrifying Gosnell trial.

Now, he is doing the job that most journalists won’t do. He’s asking Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.) her thoughts on Gosnell. You see, Ms. Schwartz helped found, and ran, the Elizabeth Blackwell Health Center, a Planned Parenthood clinic, where abortions were performed. In Pennsylvania.

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But as the five-term U.S. representative from Montgomery County prepares her campaign for the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial nomination, many in her party, including backers of possible rivals, fret that Schwartz’s political profile could make her vulnerable to Republican attacks in a general election.

The concern mentioned most often: Not only does Schwartz strongly support abortion rights, but before entering politics, she ran a Philadelphia women’s health clinic where abortions were performed.


According to its site, they claim to no longer perform abortions (although they provide the morning after pill), but they continue to provide abortion referral services. How many were referred to the monster Gosnell?

Another Twitter user is asking as well.

What say you, Ms. Schwartz? We are waiting.


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