Bingo. Yes, why the media blackout of the trial of the Gosnell house of horrors? Where are the front page stories, New York Times? But, hey, some media outlets made sure to let us all know the babies who were born alive, according to testimony, and then killed were just “fetuses.” Move along!

“Justified” co-star Nick Searcy and his Twitter followers put the reprehensible “fetus” nonsense to rest.


And, state-sanctioned.

He continues to rightly slam pro-aborts as only he can.

Then he gets to the heart of the matter. What, exactly, is the beef of those on the pro-abortion Left who are feigning outrage (only after being shamed into it, natch) over Gosnell now?

Precisely. They have no problem when a late-term unborn child is killed — as long as it is neatly thrown away as medical waste. Instead of in a shoe box, with arms and legs hanging over the side, as the grand jury report on Gosnell indicated.

Just ask President Obama.

They have no problem when any unborn child is killed, as long as they can keep using euphemisms. It’s hard to use euphemisms when there is photographic evidence in a grand jury report [pdf, graphic photos at link].

Here is their problem. How can they then say that a week earlier or a day earlier would have been just fine?

Yes, he does. As Twitchy reported, President “limp and dead” expressed more concern for a burden on the doctor than for the lives of children born alive.

He continues to destroy liberal “arguments” and gives Twitter libs the business.


He singles out the always despicable Amanda Marcotte for serious punishment.


Never change, Mr. Searcy. And thank you for being a fierce fighter for the innocent.

Thankfully, it looks like the great Nick Searcy has no plans to stop providing his excellent public service.



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