Repugnant. That tweet was made after former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s death was announced. As we reported, twisted sickos immediately took to Twitter with foul celebratory tweets about popping open champagne and dancing. That employee shamefully joined in.

As reported, that tweet was deleted and the cretinous employee has been suspended.

The Crouch End, London, location of Oddbins posted a statement via its Twitter account as well.

More from its Facebook page:

A spokesperson for Oddbins, said: “The tweet in question was made by a member of branch staff without the approval or knowledge of the company’s management. The tweet was completely inappropriate and in the worst possible taste. We would like to apologise profusely for the offence it has quite rightly caused. The member of staff responsible has been suspended with immediate effect pending a disciplinary hearing.”

Twitter users were disgusted.

But, those lacking human decency approved of the revolting tweet.

And now some are calling for a boycott of Oddbins.

A hashtag defending the employee who posted the hateful tweet was started.

Thankfully, it isn’t trending. In fact, it has been tweeted only a few times.

There is some hope yet for continued faith in the world. After seeing all the depravity on display after Baroness Thatcher’s death, we sure do need some more hope and faith.


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