Wow. You are an ingrate, Ms. Brazile. Just sayin’! Donna Brazile took to Twitter upon learning of the passing of Margaret Thatcher.

Bingo. Margaret Thatcher was a fierce fighter who knew that she owed nothing to “feminism.”

Amen. She paved the way for independent and strong women, who refuse to shroud themselves in a veil of victim-hood.

Brazile first tweeted some cover:

But, hey, what did she really do, right Donna? Just sayin’!

Twitter users refuse to let her take cover; They take Ms. Brazile to task and offer up some Teachable Moments. Actor Nick Searcy weighs in.

Zing! Women are people? That’s crazy talk!

Heh. The lessons continue, now with more hashtag. Enter #DonnaBrazileLogic.

Boom. Keep it coming, Twitter. Ms. Brazile clearly needs all the help she can get.


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