OMG no. A spider the size of your face?

That’s right. More from Sky News:

The giant tarantula is as big as a human face.

Its legs, which have unique daffodil-yellow markings, span a massive 20cm (eight inches). The arachnid also has a distinctive pink band around its body.

The new species was found in the war-torn north of the South Asian country by scientists from Sri Lanka’s Biodiversity Education and Research (BER) organisation.

Shudder. Click the link for more pictures and to read further, if you dare.

Oh, the horror. The nightmare-inducing discovery is getting a lot of buzz, but not in the good way: In the terrified way!

Uh. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Dude. When even Tarantula Care is creeped out …



Some people often take to Twitter to share their super scary spider moments.

Oh, honey. That’s child’s play. Hello? The SIZE OF A FACE.


OMG nooooo. Flee. Move immediately.

But not to Sri Lanka.