As Twitchy reported, Michelle Makin and Jose Vargas had a blunt, honest and compelling Twitter conversation about illegal immigration. As usual, lapdogs in the media were quick to expose their bias. This time, it was Univision’s Cristina Costantini.

Zing! That’s right. The “real journalist” over at Univision labeled Michelle Malkin a “right-wing columnist,” yet labeled illegal immigrant and amnesty advocate Jose Vargas a “journalist.” First it was “just a blogger,” now it’s just a “right-wing columnist.” No labels!

Guess who is also a “real journalist”?

Exactly. Why doesn’t she call herself a “left-wing columnist” or, you know, a “Shamnesty-supporting shill”?

Ms. Costantini finally responded. Sort of.


Again, that wasn’t the question. And, again, why don’t you label yourself and your bias then?

Precisely. Remember, even Soledad “Special Snowflake” O’Brien had the utter gall to proclaim herself above bias.


We are waiting!

So are we.  Will this special snowflake, who hates labels unless they are the good kind aimed at people with whom she disagrees, respond? Doubtful.