Unreal. As we reported, President Obama heads to Denver, Colo., today to spike the football over three anti-gun bills being signed into law. It being a day that ends in “y,” President Obama is to have human props handy. Citizens are once again disgusted.

Also disgusted? The police officers whom he is attempting to grossly use as props.

The Denver police department began asking for officers to volunteer to stand behind the president as his props during his speech.

More from CBS:

“Who better to stand behind you when you’re trying to ban guns than police officers. What an awesome prop,” said Rossi. He said DPD officers should not be used as a backdrop to make it appear the Denver Police Department and the City of Denver support stronger gun control measures.

“It’s agenda based and they shouldn’t be there,” said Rossi. “To me if you put Denver police officers behind the President, who is pushing this agenda, then what you are telling the citizens of the city is that the Denver Police Department is for this.”

Some current officers have taken to Facebook to express their disapproval.

Danny Veith reportedly posted the following to his Facebook page:

I am thinking about being on the sidewalk outside the Academy, on Wednesday, holding a sign that says something like “I’m a Real Cop Supporting the 2nd Amendment.” Anyone want to join me?

He also updated his Facebook profile to this:


People are onto your exploitative political theater moves, President Obama. Here’s an idea: Instead of using human props, why don’t you try propping up the Constitution?