A festival of adorable! Who is the cutest elf ever? Greg Gutfeld is! Greg posted that photo in response to fellow “The Five” cast member, and frequent “Red Eye” guest, Dana Perino.

Heh. Greg’s view is way better, but “Red Eye” fans nonetheless delighted in good-natured mockery.



Zing! And, what, no lotion?

Others just delighted in the great photo itself.

Fans also had fun helping Greg respond to a particularly pathetic Twitter troll, whose account has since been removed.


Gutfeld took care of business, in typical hilarious (pink-sneakered) fashion.

Boom! The great news? Mrs. Gutfeld is doing much better after her surgery.

Wonderful news! And keep the photos coming, Greg.  Remember: Pic or it didn’t happen. A rule to live by!