Ah, the misogynist creep Bob Beckel. Now, with more foaming at the mouth! Watch:

As Twitchy reported, Dr. Ben Carson gave an interview to Mark Levin today. During the interview, he correctly stated that “vicious” white liberals are some of the most racist people and they seek to put people in boxes. The vicious, racist Left proved Carson right with revolting cries of “token” and “Uncle Tom.


Fox News’ “The Five” discussed Dr. Carson’s comments this afternoon.

And, as always, Bob Beckel made a jackass out of himself. Twitter users rightly give him the business.

Indeed. How revolting. But, hey, some of his dad’s best friends were black! Case. Closed.

But, Dr. Carson isn’t that important, you see.


The drubbing of Beckel continues.

Boom. An exit question for “The Five”:

What do you think, Twitchy readers? There is one problem: Clearly, Bob Beckel can’t handle the truth.


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