Meghan McCain is, like, totally getting her own show. Squee!

Oh, the humanity. These are the longest fifteen minutes ever. Meggie Mac teased the announcement last night via Twitter. Sans boob photo this time.

No one asked, toots.

Then came the news of the new “docu-talk” show on Pivot. Pivot?

The fact that Pivot gave you a show, and are calling it “Raising McCain,” is all the information we need to know, thanks. Well, except for this:

pivot is a new television network from Participant Media — the people that brought you movies and documentaries like Lincoln, Food, Inc., and An Inconvenient Truth.

Shocking. Said no one ever.

Actor and comedian Michael Ian Black took a break from Twitter trolling backfires to swoon at the news.

They are BFFs, you see. Other Twitter users didn’t swoon. They wondered what in the world did we all do to deserve this?

Yes, she did.

Zing. Will best bud Sandra Fluke be a guest? Conservative-bashing will be a staple, natch. See, Meggie is super cool and edgy and stuff, you stick-in-the-mud rubes! It’s totally far more more edgy to be a sheep like Meggie. Plus, she wears Uggs.

Stay tuned, and have the hurl bags ready.

Update: Aching. Sides.

Sadly, no. Well, we are laughing at her and not with her. But the show … it’s real. And it will not be spectacular. But, the mockery sure is.


More, please!


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