Greg Gutfeld teased that via Twitter this afternoon. Yesterday, he went on an epic Twitter rant about jackass Jim Carrey, who released an anti-gun song, ‘Cold Dead Hand.’ The song mocks Charlton Heston and gun owners, whom pitiful, craven tool Carrey calls “heartless motherf**kers.” Carrey doesn’t think it’s heartless to profit off of tragedies, natch.

Gutfeld then went on to destroy him on yesterday’s episode of “The Five.” As promised, it continued today. And it was beautiful.

Dana Perino tweeted a picture in anticipation.

You go, Greg!

Heh. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Gutfeld’s words themselves are priceless. Read, watch and rejoice!

“The Five” then issued a challenge: Come on the show and state your case, “funny man.”

Well, Jim? Or do you only mock dead people, you coward?

Greg Gutfeld called out Carrey for his cowardice earlier on Twitter as well.

Will Carrey respond?


Exactly. Stroking his own ego is all that matters. Bravery? Ha! He has yes-men to tell him that he’s brave.

Twitter wants him to respond.

But, he can’t even answer simple questions on Twitter. Right, “funny man”?


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