Wow! How oh-so-edgy of the NBC television series “Law & Order SVU.” The show’s showrunner breathlessly tweets the news, too.

As does the ever-absurd Sen. McCaskill, who is still gleefully gloating over Todd Akin’s remarks.

Sigh. Surreal is you giddily tweeting about it, Ms. McCaskill. The sane have a different take:

Ugh, indeed. Now Hollyweird writers are resorting to dredging up old and tired news in order to expose their bias.

More from Ace of Spades:

1, I didn’t know this show was still even on.

2, “Ripped from the headlines”? Which headlines? Last August’s? Hey I’ve got a Ripped From the Headlines plot I’d like to pitch– it’s about this big boat, see, that hits an iceberg, see? Very big to-do a short time ago in all the local rags. Lots of fellers n’ dames were talking about it at the Automat, see?

Heh. Ace and fellow Twitter users up the hilarious mockery with the hashtag #RippedFromTheHeadlines. Also ripping? Our sides, which are splitting from giggles.

And, oh noes: A suggested future episode.

Please don’t make that happen. Her tweeting about it was enough.

Keep the giggles coming, Twitter.