Neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s success? He totally didn’t build that, according to the always vile and racist (and boring, as actor Nick Searcy pointed out) Touré. The foul Touré jumped aboard the “tolerance” brigade train, calling Dr. Carson the “GOP’s black friend.”

He’s just a “token,” you see, as UPenn professor Deen Freelon would disgustingly say.

MSNBC’s Touré then doubled-down on the repugnant by taking to Twitter to spew more of his racism.

Dr. Carson couldn’t possibly be successful without someone else building that success for him, you see. How repugnant.

Like fellow racist Bill Maher who said that minorities are poor and take the bus.

How about policies that relate to all people? How sad that he only sees people by the color of their skin.

Sigh. Race-hustling and racism combined, once again. Sadly, the “execrable’ Matt Lewis attempted to give credence to Touré, but he was swiftly shot down.

Mr. Lewis can learn something right along with Touré. And happy warriors are givers, so they are happy to provide some lessons. Read and learn, gentlemen.

All “you people” must think alike, right racist Toure?

Exactly. Ask “Justified” co-star Nick Searcy about that, too. He refuses to entertain grievance-mongers and punches back at race-hustling bullies.

Ha! It’s far too dangerous.