Sigh. Yet another celebrity desperately seeking relevancy by slamming the Boy Scouts. Actress Ellen Barkin got in a shot at Texas Governor Rick Perry, as well. Perry has been a long-time supporter of the Boy Scouts and recently took on Madonna for her absurd attempt at attention, when she donned a Boy Scouts uniform at the GLAAD awards.

Barkin continued rambling on her Twitter feed after Twitter users schooled the Hollywood lib.

Boy? We thought that was racist! The schooling continues:

Bingo. Oh, how brave they are to parrot each other’s lines!

Some helped her out by listing the values that seem to be beyond her ken.


Heh. By the way, what values do you espouse, Ellen?

Civility! And in case she forgot some of her other “values,” here is a reminder:

Values? Hater, heal thyself.