Indeed. The always foul Toure marched in racist lockstep to join the “tolerance brigade” hurling hate and racial slurs at Dr. Ben Carson.

Typical. And typically disgusting. Actor Nick Searcy, who recently blasted race hustling bullies and grievance-mongers, wasn’t having any of it and called him out for the racist (and boring) hack that he is. The dressing down continued:


A refresher, for those who may have missed Toure’s repugnant remarks about abortion:

Searcy also took on Matt Yglesias. As Twitchy reported, evidently Matt is a one-percenter, what with his $1.2 million townhouse and all.

And then he hit the always absurd Piers Morgan.

Never change, Mr. Searcy. He then offers up a good rule to live by.

Mockery. It really is the best medicine!


Zing, again!