Hmm? Funny, that. As Twitchy reported, many are wondering why the @BarackObama Twitter feed is still verified now that it is being run by independent (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Organizing for Action. We also want to know why a totally “non-partisan” and “independent” organization is using that feed to troll and blame the GOP. The Twitter feed is trolling once again today.

Now with more “FACTS.” Strangely enough, that FACT schtick is one that was used constantly when the account was officially President Obama’s. Curious!


Twitter users swiftly put the FACT nonsense to rest with, you know, actual facts.

Facts equal lies in OFA-land, just like in Obama-land. Twitter users want to know something else, though: How can OFA troll the GOP using @BarackObama?

Surely the media will get right on this. Warning: Don’t hold your breath.


Good question: Should Twitter de-verify @BarackObama?

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