Oh, dear! The Left is disenchanted with Chuck Todd?

Yes, lefties are quite annoyed.

As we reported, President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu tag-team mocked Chuck Todd during their joint presser in Israel. President Obama, of course, got snippy when an actual question slipped out.

He doesn’t like questions, you know.

Poor Chuck must be licking his wounds in the lapdog house.


Pitifully, Andrea Mitchell dons her cheerleader outfit.

Oh, but it does not end there. Twitter has now been tagged in, and continues with the hilarious mockery. It’s a win-win! President Obama showed his usual snippy and sneering contempt “charm,” and Chuck Todd showed his mockable “real journalism.”

So, Twitter has come up with some more questions for Mr. Todd.

We’ll catch you up: Take it away, Twitter, in “bipartisan’ form!


Chuck Todd mockery is the new reaching across the aisle!