Swoon. And it didn’t end there. As Twitchy reported, libs were quick to jump on a troll at CPAC 2013, whom they tried to make the racist face of CPAC. ThinkProgress tried to claim that the segregationist was applauded, but video did not verify that at all. What did happen? A liberal activist heckled throughout the panel.

“Justified” co-star Nick Searcy took her on, and foul grievance-mongers in general, in epic form.

Exactly. It’s standard operating procedure. Mr. Searcy refuses to cave to the bullies.

Oh, my! The only thing better than “bless your heart” is “bless yo heart”!

He’s such a racist, huh?


And we love it.

Oh, yes. Punch back is right, and don’t cower in fear from the “tolerance” bullies.

Heh. Yes, but it has been glorious.

Amen. Refuse to take it from tolerance bullies and grievance-mongers, who are the ones who are actually racist. Some reading for the hustlers (and this is just from the past week alone):

And an epic slam on another matter, to close it out:



Giggling madly!

And, boy, is it delicious! More, please.


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