Zing! Greg Gutfeld was at his finest last evening during Fox News’ “The Five.” Gutfeld was referring to left-wing professors, like the American University assistant professor, Deen Freelon, who foully called Dr. Ben Carson a “token” after his CPAC speech. That repugnant professor was not alone, sadly, and the racist Left was out in full force.


Precisely. And it’s shameful. Shameful, meet shameless:

Gutfeld clearly got under Media Matters “fellow” Oliver Willis’ skin. Poor Willis: Does he not remember what happened last time he tried to tangle with Gutfeld? Gutfeld called out Oliver Willis for his ghoulish and sickening hashtag that mocked the deaths of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi.

Next, Gutfeld took on Cyprus and what is stopping that from happening here.

More from The Daily Caller:

“While Cypriots can own guns, it’s a bear to get them,” Gutfeld said. “There is no gun culture there, which then allows the government to wonder of its docile populace, ‘What are they going to do, shoot us?’ Well, in America — yes, we will shoot you.”

“Cyprus just proved that Joe Biden’s notion of ‘all you need is a shotgun’ is deeply flawed,” Gutfeld continued. “Sadly, though, the ‘steal from the rich’ mentality is alive and well in America. Remember Occupy Wall Street? How different is the Cyprus solution from the class warfare rhetoric that demands your wealth is spread around?”

Amen, brother.

Someone didn’t like that truth.

Waah. And speaking of waah, enter Obama:


A follow-up exit question from Kirsten Powers, after reading the news that MSNBC is mostly opinion with little factual news.

Don’t hold your breath for an answer.