How disgusting, Senator Boxer, ma’am.

Truth. And especially when it comes to the always foul Senator Boxer, who has expressed utter befuddlement at the mere thought that minorities don’t all think the same. It is her vile updated “all you people look alike.

Remember this?

Barbara Boxer was shocked into disbelief at the very idea that Harry Alford, the chair of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, actually dared to disagree with the NAACP and the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. Oh, no. That did not suit. Race politics is the Left’s bread and butter. How dare anyone try to break out of the box that Democrats have made for them!

There can’t possibly be reasons to oppose Perez! Except, of course, there are.

Non-racist Twitter users, who see people for the content of their character and not the color of their skin, give the senator the business.

And exit questions for Sen. Boxer:

Hmm. Based on her history of votes against minorities (hold her to her own race card-y rules), the answer is no.