Yes, funny that. Here is a flashback:

Press secretary Carney, in yet another White House act of war on women, sneered at Jenna Lee when she asked why White House tours were cancelled, but the Easter Egg Roll was not:

Carney snapped “Well, actually, Jenna, again, if you did a little reporting you’d know that the Easter Egg Roll is open for a lot of military families.  It’s paid for by the sale of those eggs that come out as well as donations from the outside.”

And make him a sammich! Hmm. Practice what you condescendingly preach, toots! As Twitchy reported, the White House is now threatening to cancel the Easter Egg Roll. Because, sequester!

Megyn Kelly took took in on this afternoon.


Looks like it! But, what will Carney sneer now?

We won’t hold our breath.