Not shocking. What was shocking to the New York Time’s Nick Kristof? The fact that the new pope, Pope Francis I, is … Catholic.

He’s sad that the pope is traditional. Why, oh why, can’t the pope be a secular, pro-abortion “feminist” like “superb” Hillary Clinton?! Next, a fellow New York Times reporter started “wondering” how Pope Francis I was involved in Argentina’s Dirty War.

Mr. Kristof retweeted it, of course.

They are just “asking questions,” you see.

Evidence, shmevidence!

Standard operating procedure for lapdogs. Kristof continues whining.

Now he’s sad and fearful! Twitter users kindly try to teach him about Catholicism and, you know, reality.

Zing! It’s funny, because it’s true. Well, on the plus side, The New York Times is nothing if not predictable. So, there’s that.


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