ABC’s George Stephanopoulos announced yesterday that he scored an “exclusive” interview with President Obama. Only lapdogs need apply!


Stephanopoulos asked for questions for the president.

Be careful what you ask for, Georgie! You see, citizens on Twitter often do the job that the media won’t. They don’t ask oh-so-insightful questions like many members of the media do. But, they do mock those kinds of questions!


Then came the real questions. You know, ones that lapdogs won’t ask. Yesterday, we reported on the hijacking of #AskFLOTUS. Citizens asked Mrs. Obama about Benghazi, among other things. Yesterday marked the six month anniversary of the murders in Benghazi and many questions remain unanswered. If lapdogs won’t ask, Twitter users will.

Amen. Other questions soon followed.


Will any of those questions make it into the “interview”?

We won’t hold our breath.


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