And with that, Ace of Spades started an epic, and truthful, rant highlighting the lack of diversity with progressives of pallor.

That’s right. As Twitchy reported last night, a little something was noticed about #SXSW (the hipster South by Southwest conference): It’s monochromatic attendance. As usual, lapdogs in the media will ignore it. Much like they ignore their own lack of diversity, all while accusing Republicans of it. Projection: It’s standard and pathetic operating procedure for the Left.

Ace, and some of his fellow happy warriors, call out Aaron Sorkin, and other progressives of pallor, as only they can. And, boy, is it beautiful.

Ace let The New Republic have it last month for that absurdity.

Epic. Aaron Sorkin’s next casting call should include some members of President Obama’s old monochromatic campaign headquarters.  Or the Democrat convention speaker line-up. Walk in lockstep, women and minorities! Just don’t dare try to walk on set of one of their shows.


Oh, hey, has anyone noticed how white #SXSW is?

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