Zing! The would be considered a high crime at the laughingstock known as Oberlin College. As Twitchy reported yesterday, classes were shut down on Monday after reports of “hate incidents” and a KKK sighting. The KKK sighting turned out to be a woman wrapped in a blanket. Beware the dangers of assault blankets!

The Associated Press swooned when actress Lena Dunham weighed in, wringing her hands over her alma mater. Yet, they of course failed to report on the other side of the coin: The truth. Michelle Malkin, also an Oberlin alum, smelled a rat from the start. And, she was once again correct.

From Michelle Malkin’s column today:

I repeat: Mix identity politics, multicultural studies, cowardly administrators and biased media — and you’ve got a toxic recipe for opportunistic hate crime hoaxes. Welcome to high-priced, higher mis-education, made and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Yes, indeed. As we reported yesterday, there was some belief that the other incidents (not including dastardly assault blankets) may have been a “commentary on free speech” or hoax-y “pranks.”

More from Legal Insurrection:

I asked Wargo if the Oberlin administration had any reason to believe that these were a hoax. He said that he “can’t speak to the motive behind the writings.” I tried that question several different ways and the response was similar.

Wargo refused to confirm that these were acts motivated by racism not a hoax:

Q. “Does the administration believe these were acts of racism?”

A. “Again, it’s an ongoing investigation and I can’t add anything beyond that.”

Wargo also would not comment on the race of the students being behind the writings.

Curiouser and curiouser! Or, you know, totally as expected. As for that “diversity” that is given so much lip service by Oberlin?

Diversity of thought need not apply.

Oberlin’s absurd blanket-egg on its face inspired the hilarious #FakeOberlinHateCrimes. Read, and giggle madly.



More, please! Just make sure you aren’t wrapped in a dreaded and super scary blanket while typing out your tweets. Or worse: A Snuggie!