Call the waah-mulance! Someone dared to actually ask questions, after government-funded National Public Radio asked for them! Oh, the horror! NPR asked for questions on Twitter today, using the hashtag #AskNPRIntern.

Other Twitter users swiftly tweeted questions.


But, by “ask,” NPR actually meant “stroke.” Actual questions? They did not suit. Here are some of Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin’s questions that were deemed troll-like by the NPR intern (to be fair, he’s learning well during his internship, isn’t he? Toe that biased line, dude)!

How terrifyingly troll-like! The crying started.

Boom. Truth is hard for liberals. Another intern weighs in.


Precisely. NPR wrapped it up with yet another whine. Only this time, with more passive-aggressive.

Pitiful. But not at all surprising.


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