The Washington Post has a major beef with Elon Musk. Why is that, exactly? Is it because with Elon Musk in charge of Twitter, WaPo will no longer be able to count on Twitter to clamp down on their critics and Twitter users will have more freedom to fact-check the fact-checkers?

We’re guessing those are only a few of the reasons they’re so bothered by Elon’s Musk. Once it started getting under their skin, it was there to stay.

So they’re just gonna go ahead and embrace the obsession and try to milk it for everything they can:

“Elon Musk buying Twitter will literally kill people from COVID” is quite a take.

The piece itself is List-able enough on its face. But it’s extra List-able when you see who wrote it:

You knew it had to be Taylor Lorenz.

Fair point.

Here’s how the piece concludes (which is pretty much exactly how you’d expect it to conclude if Taylor Lorenz wrote it):

But experts say Musk’s decision will lead to more deaths. “It’s a huge step backwards in a pandemic that has killed a million Americans and millions more worldwide,” [Jon Shaffer, a health sociologist and postdoctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics] said. “It’s certain to get many more people killed from covid than otherwise would.”

She never disappoints.

The Washington Post let her write it because they know that garbage people like Manhattan Borough President Mark D. Levine will retweet it:

The words “Taylor Lorenz” and “matters” lay out why no one should be taking Mark D. Levine seriously. Well, those words, and also this:

Ah, who could forget that moment of COVID glory?


Long story short: Taylor Lorenz is garbage. And people who respect Taylor Lorenz are garbage.

And, of course, people who hire Taylor Lorenz are garbage, too.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet and text.



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