Not just any top donor, either. Funnily enough, it is the donor whose private jet Sen. Menendez (D-N.J.) used for his trips to the Dominican Republic. Trips that reportedly involved underage prostitutes.

More from Jammie Wearing Fool:

In a stunning coincidence, it’s the same guy who allegedly provided the underage prostitutes to the sleazebag New Jersey Democrat. A few weeks ago Robert Menendez said those making accusations against him were nameless, faceless evil right-wingers. Well, this is the Associated Press, no bastion of right-wingers.

Yep, the Associated Press:

As Jammie Wearing Fool points out, AP was quick to note there is no evidence, yet.

There is no evidence that Menendez offered direct help or intervened on behalf of the company or Melgen. Instead, the connection between the two men’s interests in natural gas is the latest example of the close symmetry between the senator — who recently rose to become chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — and his millionaire backer. It illustrates the way Menendez’s political clout has at times overlapped with Melgen’s financial investments.

But even they admit that the connection cannot be ignored. Twitter users agree.

Heh. But, remember, he has a (D) next to his name! So, will it be more of this?:

Hey, Senator Reid, still expressing “confidence” that Sen. Menendez did nothing wrong? And, in an unbelievably ironic twist, Sen. Menendez is just back from a trip wherein he spoke to Afghanistan leaders about … government corruption.

Menendez, heal thyself.