Disgusting. As we reported this morning, “This Week” featured Dennis Rodman lavishing praise on, and continuing his contemptible bromance with, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Indeed. But Stephanapoulos moved from beclowning to outright repugnant and appalling, when he tweeted that he has no hate for Rodman, and hopes Kim Jong Un “proves him right with deeds.” Is he that clueless? Evil? Or both?

Those with a moral compass hit back hard.

Horrible. But, hey, what are the atrocities suffered under an oppressive regime? Stephanopoulos has foul apologism and excusing to do! Not to mention fan boy swooning over Rodman. Despicable.

Indeed, she is. “Just a blogger” Melissa Clouthier calls Stephanopoulous out for worshipping at the shrine of moral relativism and tries to teach him a little something about having a moral compass instead.


And a question for the shameful Stephanopoulos:

And one for his fellow lapdogs:

What say you, ABC? Do you stand by this?

Shame on you, Stephanopoulos. Shame on you.


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