Shaming the shameless is usually near impossible. But intrepid blogger Ace of Spades is always up to the task. Once again, he brilliantly destroys lapdog claims of non-bias, and uncovers them as the Obama handmaidens that they are.

Yep, as usual. But, before we get to their latest biased showing, let’s recap BuzzFeed’s jackassery from last night. You see, of course they were quick to join other toadies in the rush to Obama’s defense by attacking Bob Woodward. Ace of Spades and fellow happy warriors rightly gave them the business. As a bonus, they did so in hilarious form.

There needs to be an LOLCat for blasting BuzzFeed bias. Make it happen, Twitter.

Boom! Never change, Twitter.

Ace continues to call out the lackeys at BuzzFeed today.

Handmaidens, indeed. And then we come to the quick defense of fellow handmaidens at Politico.

Yep. Just like Soledad O’Brien, who tried to claim that she is such a special snowflake that she is above bias. Even though her bias was uncovered at every turn.


Ace continues calling it like it is.

Ding, ding, ding! You can’t effectively bury bones for your master without lying about where you’ve hidden them, or if they exist at all, when people ask. You also have to stop them from asking: Dumb rubes don’t know enough to have the right to ask, even. Right, Andrew?